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SerProducer Guidelines

Our Mission

We created SerProducer to bring you together with equally passionate creators ready to make a better world. A community building bridges with people all across the globe regardless of sex, creed, or orientation to support us in the search of equal opportunities


Our audience includes producers, writers, and content creators in media industries. They want to hear about the latest tools, analysis, experiences, and stories so they can learn more about the industry and improve their careers. 

Original Work

SerProducer strives to create original content for its community and does not republish old content.

Types of content 

  • Interviews with experts in the industry
  • Personal experiences and things you’ve learned
  • Reviews of disruptive companies 
  • Analysis of the future of the industry, the business of production, and new ways to produce
  • Resources on how to start a career in the production industry.
  • Advice on how to improve your career
  • And anything in between


  • 600-1500 word
  • Use subheads (break up your sections with bolded subheads and H2 text to make it easier for our audience to read.
  • Links. Cross-reference at least one SerProducer article to help our readers dig deeper.


  • No unnecessary profanity or nudity.
  • Nothing that could be deemed offensive by any group(s).
  • Content must be your original work and/or all participating parties must be mentioned in the byline. Do not plagiarize. 

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