An exclusive interview with a Netflix Creative Executive Recruiter

Know more about how to get a job as creative executive for Netflix in this exclusive interview with Mike Jones
Mike Jones, Netflix Recruiter

Mike Jones, a Netflix Recruiter, gives advice and describes his job as a Creative Executive Recruiter at one of the biggest streaming companies in the world. 

Jones’ job is to work with large studios and production companies in and around Hollywood to seek those creative executives that will find content for Netflix. 

How did you find yourself in the creative recruitment position?

I’ve worked for Netflix for about two and a half years, beginning in engineering recruiting, moving to LA, working on Post Production recruiting and was asked to move into the Creative Executive recruiting role that I’m currently in now. 

What’s the role of a creative recruiter exactly?

I recruit Creative Executives to work on our domestic Original Films, Documentaries, and Comedies. 

I recruit Creative Executives across all levels, across all of Netflix film teams, so there isn’t really a particular type that I’m looking for, it all depends on the team and what that team is looking for at that moment in time.

Why Netflix?

Scale, responsibility, focused mission and unified culture. I feel like I single-handedly make an impact here, which was one of the big reasons why I left my previous employer.

Why did you switch fields and how was it from being a retail sales consultant and technical Recruiter to a Creative Executive Recruiter? 

Each of the roles has had their similarities: Building and maintaining relationships and understanding how to uncover a customer’s/candidate’s needs. I followed opportunities as they presented themselves that would propel my career forward.

What do you wish you had known when you started out?

Don’t doubt yourself – you’re in the position that you’re in because people trusted your skillset and believe in you. Impostor syndrome is a real thing.

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