Show Off! — How to build a writing portfolio?

If you want to apply for a job, building a solid portfolio will get you even closer to your desired result. Here's your step by step guide

If you’re any kind of artist, it would behoove you to put your work and resume together with all your credits, big or small. If you want to apply for a job or just showcase your work, building a solid portfolio will get you even closer to your desired result. For me, as soon as people find out I’m a screenplay writer, they always ask to see my work. Now, I can give them an IP address and let them explore my greatest works to their heart’s content. Even better, I can give it to any future employer or (fingers crossed) a producer.

Think of your portfolio as social media for your work. You can pick and choose the best of the best to really sell your abilities. It’ll also be an eye-opening opportunity for you as an artist, judging everything you have for any imperfections or inconsistencies. Really put that work under a microscope because this is a first impression that could lead to many life-changing opportunities for you.

Here’s your step by step guide:

(Don’t worry, it’s super simple and free!)

Head on over to to get started. You’ll be transported to their site where you can begin. I would suggest taking a look at their examples. Peek around to see if you can’t find an example in a field close to yours. From there, you’ll pick a background, a profile picture, and you can add up to 10 “clippings” to showcase your art. PDF’s, links to credited work, whatever you need. If you want to showcase more than 10 “clippings” you can upgrade your membership from free to monthly ($9.99/month) or yearly ($99).

A good portfolio is a crucial step in the right direction to showcasing and possibly getting paid for your work.

If you’re looking for a real-life example, I’ll give you a few and show you what is working in these portfolios. I’ll also give you a peek into mine!

Portfolio Examples

Let’s start with Hank Herman’s portfolio. He’s a comedy writer so he’s really got to bring that funny light to showcase his skillset. Instantly, you’re smiling at the picture of his portfolio. It’s in no way basic, something we surely want to avoid when making a portfolio designed to give way to your individuality. The whole portfolio is visually appealing which is an automatic up no matter what.

Next, he’s giving credit where credit is due. If you have won any award or received any kind of praise or accolades for your work, do not shy away from saying so. This is your moment to shine so brag on yourself as much as you can here and be specific in your accomplishments. Taking a chance on an artist in any form who hasn’t received any award or publication doesn’t mean you won’t be taken seriously; everyone had to start somewhere, right? Just make sure you put that extra effort into your work! Here’s a link to Hank’s portfolio.

How to build a writing portfolio? - Example

Another website I really liked was Rebecca Hobson’s. She’s a journalist and copywriter who did just what Hank did in showcasing her style from the start. You’re automatically told that she’s got a simplistic style to her writing, it’s very clean and easy to follow. This is also key. You can be the most unique, “out-there” artist in your media but when it comes to your portfolio, you want to make sure it’s concise and flows well. If it’s too messy or all over the place, people will likely give up on trying to understand it, unfortunately. Here’s the link to Rebecca’s website below.

How to build a writing portfolio? - Example

Last and surely should not be least, make sure your portfolio makes you easily contactable. Anyone could stumble upon your work but if your contact information is out of date or, you aren’t checking in with emails often, you’re really doing yourself a disservice. If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

Finally, here’s a look at my portfolio on Clippings.

I hope you enjoy it and good luck with building your own!

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