About Us

Hi, my name is Renzo Esposito, and I’m the founder of SerProducer. We present inspiring stories, best practices, and deep analysis of digital media, film, radio and television industries.

What is the meaning of “SerProducer”?

I was born in Argentina so Spanish is my first language. Since 2019 I’ve been living in the United States with my husband. To get a better grasp of the language, I’m taking classes. 

My day to day transformed. I spent half the time speaking in Spanish and the other half in English. Being bilingual is part of my culture now. So, because in Spanish, “Ser” means “to be”, and producer is my profession, I combined both, giving the name of this community: Ser (to be a) Producer.

Why did I start SerProducer?

I started SerProducer as a way of sharing my passion for producing, talking with other producers to learn more about the industry, and helping others grow in their careers. While this community expands, I am seeking to improve my level of English as a second language.

Who are “We”?

I said we because SerProducer is a community of producers. The platform is open to any media producer or related that wants to write and share ideas about the profession or the industry and has a passion for making things happen. 

If you want to share your ideas and be part of SerProducer, you can contact us at community(at)serproducer.com. We will be happy to hear from you.

What kind of content can I find or create here?

We write and share content about all the industries that a media producer works: digital media, film, radio, and television.

Mains topics:

  • Interviews with experts in the industry
  • Personal experiences and learnings
  • Reviews of disruptive companies 
  • Analysis of the future of the industry, the business of production, and new ways to produce
  • Resources on how to start a career in the production industry.
  • Advice on how to improve your career


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